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Many websites have technical issues, are not legally compliant, don’t have proper website architecture and don’t implement good marketing techniques. These issues cost a business leads and customers. What is your website grade?

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I’m offering a free website audit and will report issues that are dragging down your business. There are numerous areas to explore such as technical issues, marketing, search engine optimization, legal, social, security, trends, competition and analytics. I cannot cover all of these aspects as a free service but I will definitely point out a few issues that can help your business.

Many companies offering a free site audit use automated software to run an internal audit, check server data, citations, backlinks and simply send you the report. I spend 40 minutes of my time evaluating your web properties and 20 minutes doing a screen share to show the findings.

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I’ll be in touch after you complete the form and will do a 20 minute screen share meeting and provide the audit results.

Website Audit Checklist

  • Circle Number Current rankings in the search engines      
  • Circle Number Overall health and property strength
  • Circle Number Technical issues such as page not found errors
  • Circle Number Identify which pages are generating organic traffic
  • Circle Number Traffic sources and volume – organic, social media, referrals
  • Circle Number Backlink analysis for your web property
  • Circle Number Rank difficulty and opportunities for specific keyword phrases


Technical Audit Definition

What is website audit? A site diagnosis is intended to identify issues with the website that is potentially costing your business leads and sales. A technical audit procedure will vary depending upon the data you need to acquire so you must first determine what areas you wish to investigate such as technical issues, marketing, search engine optimization, legal, social, security, trends, competition and analytics. A website audit checklist will can be created once you have narrowed down the issues you wish to explore. A seo audit checklist can help you identify technical issues and content problems that are causing poor rankings in the search engine result pages. A free seo report that is automated checks a few ranking factors but doesn’t include a holistic approach to determine the full picture of how a website and related properties are perceived on the web. These seo audit tools can be useful but a professional is often needed to properly diagnose overall web authority.



I was totally surprised as to the amount of information I received and the tips are invaluable. I had no idea how many WordPress mistakes I was making with my site and the important aspects I was lacking. I highly recommend everyone to take advantage of this offer so your business can start moving in the right direction.

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