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We are a Santa Cruz web design company providing modern, responsive, fast loading, stunning websites that convert leads into customers.

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We build strong brands by utilizing marketing, competitive analysis, search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization and other powerful techniques. The Astriden holistic approach improves the strength of a company and creates an invaluable asset rather than an expense. Website management done right!

Responsive website design example by a Santa Cruz web design company

Expert Tip. Many business owners go through a website redesign when performance is low. Check out my blog to read why many website redesigns make massive SEO blunders. Many web designers don’t have extensive SEO knowledge and do not know the proper steps that need to be taken.

Responsive Designs

We build sites that are mobile friendly, display well and convert on all different type of devices. The user experience is essential in retaining and converting traffic so site speed and site architecture are critical components of a good design. Adaptive web design is another option used in select cases but most often a business will want to use a responsive web design template with html5 and css3.

Website Design Examples

Contact our support team to see examples of our work for clients and get pricing details for your creative internet project.

Modern UX

Flat design vs realism is another option the business must decide when creating a UX design template. Scrolling, tapping and clicking are all user engagement actions that must be taken into consideration when creating the design.

Custom PHP Coding

Our web developer specializes in PHP coding to modify existing wordpress templates, create custom plugins, and develop backend software solutions.


We can setup your website in WordPress or any other CMS. The platform will widely vary depending upon your business needs.


HTML is at the core of all websites but we use an array of programming languages and frameworks as we build sites. Angular JS, WordPress, Bootstrap, CSS, PHP, JQuery, and JavaScript are commonly used.


Our webmaster is experienced in E-commerce and will help you eliminate the common problems that cause search engine ranking loss.

Shopping Carts

We can implement a 3rd party shopping cart or build you a custom solution.

Web Hosting

We do not offer web hosting services but do recommend quality and affordable web hosting as well as implement the technical migrations, DNS and CDN setup.

Santa Cruz Website Designer Inspiration

Logo and graphics are a very important aspects of your business as they convey the professionalism and culture of a business. An average user will spend 3 seconds or less waiting for a page to load and deciding if they want to continue the journey so optimized and strategic use of images are very important for website design.

Graphic Design

We can assist with professional logo creation and provide stunning graphics for your website, ads and brochures. We typically use Photoshop but also use a variety of other programs.


We are experienced in many programming languages and can offer simply to advanced custom programming solutions.

Download our website designer pdf to discover the top website creation mistakes made by local businesses.

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Your website is a powerful marketing tool for your business and plays a critical role in your business' success. We are an experienced web development company delivering solutions that are unique and tailored to suit your specific marketing goals.

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Ever wonder where your company stands on the web? We offer a free evaluation to determine your strengths / weaknesses and provide suggestions on how to improve. Contact us today for a free website evaluation. Protection Status