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I’m a professional website designer with 15 years experience servicing businesses in design services, digital media and e-commerce. I am different than other webmasters in the area and don’t stick to only web design. I have a diverse background and incorporate the full circle of the web to help a business gain customers and actually succeed on the internet. I use CRO (conversion rate optimization), SEO (search engine optimization), analytics, PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising and other techniques to ensure a website not only gets traffic but that traffic converts.

Business Service

I offer an array of web development services including: mobile friendly and responsive website design, redesign, web development, analytics, search engine optimization SEO, marketing, strategic planning, website maintenance and support, social media, graphic design, custom programming, database development, E Commerce, shopping carts, WordPress, PPC advertising, email campaigns, website audits and competitive analysis. This is just a short list, if you have specific requirements contact us with your questions. We do assist with domain registration and web hosting.

Design Services

The most common mistake I see with small business websites is the business hired a web designer to make a website and the business provides some text. The problem is the site architecture and on-page SEO isn’t setup correctly and makes ranking in search engines much more difficult. Search engine traffic is the highest converting traffic that you can find on the web so it’s essential to get off on the right foot and establish an on-going relationship with a professional with a diverse background in more than just website design. The web is constantly changing and algorithms change quickly so proper website management isn’t a set and forget process.

Digital Media

The second biggest mistake I see businesses make is they don’t properly manage a website and they assume traffic will magically appear. A webmaster must not only monitor and manage the website but also needs to monitor analytics, use website recording software, perform A/B split testing and overall see how people are using the website and ensure the best user experience possible. Engagement is now part of ranking algorithms so it’s essential that you not only monitor for this but you must constantly improve so that you have better signals over your competition.

E Commerce

E Commerce and online sales is important for many businesses. I have setup shopping carts and integrated payment services such as PayPal. I’ve developed custom programmed quote forms and installed SSL certificates on web hosting servers.

Below are some things your business should consider having a web master implementing in 2017.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Improve user satisfaction and get a search engine ranking boost by implementing AMP on your website.

Schema Markup

Add schema markup to your website and surpass your competition in the search engines.

Geotag Images

This is a must if you are a local business trying to get search engine traffic within your local geographic region.

Website Recordings

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is going to be huge in 2017 as PPC becomes a bigger factor.

We adhere to the W3C recommendations and guidelines.

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Your website is a powerful marketing tool for your business and plays a critical role in your business' success. We are an experienced web development company delivering solutions that are unique and tailored to suit your specific marketing goals.

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