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I’m a long time San Francisco Bay Area webmaster and have worked with websites since before the millennium. I taught myself how to code Perl (CGI scripts) using a dial-up connection. Much has changed on the web and I have a diverse web background and have done both front-end design, back-end programming, graphic design & internet marking. I’ve in many different industries and within the last decade has worked with many Silicon Valley technology companies in Bay Area region including a Fortune 500 company as a webmaster & SEO professional.

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The office is located in Santa Cruz, California ( San Francisco Bay Area) but screen share meetings are done with clients throughout the United States. Schedule FREE 15 minute consultation with the webmaster and learn how to increase website conversions today!


Our methodology is designed to fully understand the client’s business’ needs, take full advantage of the latest web technologies and deliver a final product of highest standards. The webmaster will take the following steps to ensure the final deliverables are completed in time, within budget, and of highest quality. The first step is to analyze the client’s business as well as competition and get to understand the needs and goals. The next step is to create a digital strategy that will allow the client to succeed on the web in their industry. The next stage is to implement web development changes to the client web properties on budget and as quickly as possible. The client will then evaluate and fine-tuning adjustments can be made. Upon approval, the data migration will take place and changes will be pushed to the live website and related properties. The final step is evaluation and we ensure the client’s changes are performing with the digital strategy plan.


We are passionate about websites. The webmaster strives to become a well respected design company that provides top quality service using the latest technologies.


Our goal is to maintain optimum web properties for our clients. The Bay Area webmaster provides reasonably priced web development services that exceed the client’s expectations and needs. W e operate in a professional, prompt manner and strive on total customer satisfaction. Privacy and security of business information is of utmost importance to us.

Bay Area Webmaster Office & Resources

Bay Area webmaster office is located in the County of Santa Cruz, a county on the Pacific coast of the U.S. state of California. The webmaster offers service to the entire Monterey Bay area or can do screen share meetings with clients. The county is situated on a wide coastline with over 29 miles of beaches so there is plenty to do in the Bay Area when you’re not working.

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Dan Astriden is the owner of Astriden & a professional web developer / webmaster / SEO expert.
Dan Astriden is the owner of Astriden

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Astriden is a trusted marketing agency located in San Francisco Bay Area of California, USA. The webmaster offers web design, search engine optimization, social media, competitor research & reporting. We assist with search engines, analytics, html / css, creative text and much more. The designer can use WordPress platform with custom coding & perform monitoring of link.  We can be reached at (831) 291-5014 or you can complete our contact form.

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