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How to get traffic to your small business website by improving your SEO

Including SEO into website design

If you are a small business owner such as a plumber, arborist or locksmith then you know that continuous business leads are essential for your success. So where do you get these quality lead sources? Pay per lead, pay per click, and organic search engine rankings are the typical approach and all can be very expensive and overwhelm your marketing budget. In this article, I will give you a few tips that will allow you to surpass much of your competition with just a little bit of effort. However, be warned that within every industry and every geographic location the competition will vary so it’s very much advised to consult with a marketing professional to determine the competitive landscape.

I’ve reviewed numerous small business websites and see the same pattern over and over again. The business owner knew they needed a website and hired someone that they could do a reasonable job for the least amount of money. So, they hired a web designer, had the website build and thought website traffic would magically appear. A few months later, they begin to wonder why the phone is not ringing and the leads are not coming in. The natural next step was to hire an SEO expert, acquire pay-per-lead or setup pay per click advertising on the search engines. This leads to more expenses and less profits. Now image if the business owner hired a marketing person to begin with and over time build quality web properties that generate leads and sales. Continuous effort building web properties over years makes you a very tough competitor and it would be very hard for new businesses to enter the market. Also, think about how valuable a branded business is with many leads and customers and don’t you think that would be easy to sell that business for quite a bit of money? My company teams up with small businesses and puts the business on a monthly plan where they build their web properties into very strong assets. Not ready to commit? No problem, just keep reading and I’ll tell you how many of you can surpass competition with just a little bit of effort.

As explained before, most small business websites simply build the website and don’t do any work after the launch.

Tip #1. Blog on a regular basis.

You should have a blog section on your website where you add content on a regular basis. This will build you domain authority over time and will make it easier for you rank keyword phrases and gain organic traffic.

Tip #2. Interlink.

Interlink your web properties to each other and this includes your website and social media properties. This will add trust; a signal search engines look for.

Tip #3. Watch your analytics.

This will allow you to identify where your leads are coming from and what keywords phrases are valuable.

Tip #4. Reviews.

Local business reviews are becoming more and more important and you seriously need to work this into your system if you want to remain competitive in the search engines.

Tip #5. Setup tracking.

It’s imperative you know where your leads and customers are coming from so you spend maximum amount of advertising dollars in the right place.

Tip #6. Syndicate content.

Take excerpts from your blog posts and add them to all you social media profiles. The key here is not to simply build up a strong website but to build up a strong brand across the web.

I just gave you some valuable tips and the action takers who seriously understand the value of the tips above and implement this into their business will have a big advantage over the competition that doesn’t’t do this. I don’t recommend you do this yourself as it’s much more efficient if you have a professional that knows what they are doing implement the steps properly. I realize everyone has a budget so if you’re not in that position to hire a marketing guy, get started with these tips and you will see results over time. You won’t see immediate results but if you simply do the things I told you, within 6 months to a year positive changes will happen.

I feel bad for the small business owners these days because advertising used to be much simpler before the internet became an integral part of everyone’s lives. It used to be fairly expensive, but the business owners that invested in the phone books got business and didn’t have to spend additional time and effort on marketing. In today’s world, it’s essential to put energy into your websites if you need organic website traffic to survive and prosper. The days of simply hiring and SEO to quickly generate traffic are quickly coming to end and in the future it will take at least a year and a large sum of money to position a business in decent organic rankings. You can read the article about the shifting search engine algorithms here. The good news is for those small business owners who realize this, they are in a strong position to capitalize on securing organic real estate if they just take action and put the proper ongoing effort into their web properties. How much effort varies on the industry and location but you simply need to do a better job than your competition. After all, the search engines want to provide the best result for users so you need to position your web properties to be that best result.

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