Is My SEO Company Doing A Good Job? Find out!

Good SEO agencies explain to you what they’re doing & the anticipated impact. A good SEO company provides deliverables. Great SEO companies have recommendations for improvement. Good SEO companies improves rankings. The best SEO agencies work to increase organic traffic. Ultimately, they will want to know your business better and the end goal is to increase revenue.

We offer a report with clear evidence of what has changed on your website regarding clicks, impressions and rankings. The report charts rankings from two points in time to determine overall search engine optimization progress. We also report if you are ranking for more keyword phrases.

We offer fast turnaround on this service.

Previous ranking positions compared to current

3rd Party Independent SEO Audit

Is your SEO provider getting results!

  • Real Business Data Reviewed
  • Report Before Date Keywords
  • Report After Date Keywords
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Critical Business Intelligence


Check if SEO is Working

Is my SEO company doing a good job? Local search engine optimization analysis, ecommerce or national performance report available. Critical business intelligence shows overall performance between two dates. We have fast turnaround on this service. Request your report today!

How to Tell if Your SEO Company is Working

Detailed monthly reports (you can actually understand) that connect SEO performance to your business bottom line.

How to judge the performance of a SEO agency isn’t simple as there are many moving parts. We offer multiple levels of reporting to understand the effectiveness of a SEO campaign. Our basic report takes your keyword rankings from point A and compares them to point B. This allows you to compare the difference between the two points of time.

We provide a more extensive review of the SEO provider. Simply put, we audit the complete performance to understand if the SEO provider is adding value or simply an expense. Astriden also offers a professional SEO audit service for a comprehensive site review.

Who Creates the Report?

The owner has 20+ years experience on the web doing web development & SEO for many tech companies in Silicon Valley including a Fortune 500 company. I personally look at the data and give my unbiased professional opinion about the SEO performance. I wish the SEO industry had mandated license but unfortunately everyone is at different places as to what they know about Google algorithms regardless of the number of years they have been doing this. I can help you to check if my site is SEO optimized. If the price is an issue just reach out to me and I’ll help for no or very little cost.

Find Out What Your SEO Company is Really Doing

The world’s best SEO companies always put tracking, data collection, and analysis before SEO tactics like adjusting website code and site structure, on page content, and offsite factors. Our goal is to be the best analytical, data-driven marketing and SEO company. There are many aspects to SEO such as backlinks, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, schema markup, title tags / meta description & more. Some SEO company tasks include keyword research, monitor user experience, link building, monitor algorithm updates and report on SERP (Search engine results page) changes.

A quality SEO firm has a strategy for building quality links that focus on conversion metrics & attract real visitors from performing websites. Bad linking techniques are spam and can lead to a manual penalty. Siginificant SEO results comes from holistic marketing approach.

Is My SEO Working?

The signs of SEO working include an increase in impressions, organic traffic, ranking positions & sales. Grab a copy of our SEO content brief example template to see how we organize and new content such as blog posts to get organic search traffic in search engines. Our SEO firm will analyze and measure the backlink and the domain to avoid penalties.

How Do I know if My Keywords Are Working?

To understand if your keywords are working, use a rank trackers to monitor average position, impressions and clicks. We offer a free data studio rank tracker that you can use with Google search console analytics. Our clients also have access to a more advanced rankings tracker with a suite of SEO tools and SEO reports. You can also use some free resources to check rankings so reach out for recommendations.