SEO Audit Service

I’ve been providing a professional SEO audit service for clients, digital marketing agencies and Fortune 500 companies for years. Typically, customers come to me after a SEO disaster. Audit services should be performed on a regular basis since the web is in constant flux and your websites need to adapt to changes on the web.

Professional SEO audits

Purchase SEO audit services & increase organic search traffic!

You will receive a SEO audit report which is a Word doc around 40 pages and takes me around 5 hours. My comprehensive website SEO audit provides actionable tasks to improve organic visibility. In addition to the Word doc you also get an optional 15 minute screen share meeting and I’ll answer any questions & offer priority support.


Advanced SEO Audit

  • Monthly SEO report
  • Keyword research & performance tracking
  • Website content analysis
  • Google strategy analysis
  • Digital marketing white label reports
  • Search engine crawl analysis
  • Marketing strategies

Thumbnail of site speed hosting issue. keywords in link example. ecommerce analyis of users engagement on site. action plan for overall strategy. report css stylesheet content issue.

I provide a SEO audit report & label what to fix in order to get better rankings.

What’s wrong with my website?

In most cases a business created a website without search engine optimization advice. This results in poor website architecture, poor internal linking, and adding words that don’t relate to topic of the URL. In addition many technical issues arise that can lead to crawl budget issues, site speed issues and hosting problems that create poor user experience.

How to analyze a website

Many SEO audit tools can be used to help with SEO audits. Once the website is crawled, many other factors can be analyzed to determine trouble spots and under-optimization areas. Screaming Frog is a great website SEO audit tool. Search console is the primary tool used but tools such as can check the website speed versus the competition.

What is a good seo score?

The goal in SEO is to do proper competitor analysis & rank your webpage above competitors for your primary phrase and numerous related phrases. The search engines evaluate pages against one another and also take into consideration other factors such as the strength of your brand and search traffic. If your webpages are well optimized you should see high search impressions and organic traffic going to the site. Contact me to review your domain name and I’ll give you some site audit tips and a better action plan to increase engagement.

Technical SEO services

I look at numerous factors that play a critical role in the optimization of your WordPress blog. Technical issues can impact search engine rankings so items such as canonical and meta tags are analyzed as well as robots.txt file. Internal links and external hyperlinks are checked too. Contact me today to book your SEO audit. I will determine search engine optimization problems that are holding back your rankings and make recommendations on how to improve your organic reach. Ask me any questions before ordering SEO audit services.

Website Marketing

Your website is a powerful marketing tool for your business and plays a critical role in your business' success. We are an experienced web development company delivering solutions that are unique and tailored to suit your specific marketing goals.

Top Service

Request your copy of my professional SEO audit service. Find out specific issues holding back the rankings of your website. Most customers come to me after a loss in traffic and want me to diagnose the issue and provide a roadmap.

FREE Website Evaluation!

Ever wonder where your company stands on the web? We offer a free evaluation to determine your strengths / weaknesses and provide suggestions on how to improve. Contact us today for a free website audit.