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Professional SEO Audit Service | SEO Analysis

Improve your website’s visibility and performance with my professional SEO audit services. I provide comprehensive technical SEO audits, website analysis, and optimization strategies. Request the auditors expert opinion and enhance overall SEO. Request a SEO audit services report & get a checklist to recover rankings or improve your search engine optimization. 

I’ve been providing SEO services for clients, digital marketing agencies and Fortune 500 companies for years. Typically, customers come to me after a SEO disaster. SEO services should be performed on a regular basis since the web is in constant flux and your websites need to adapt to changes.

Site review and analysis by SEO expert.

Technical SEO Audit Services Deliverables

You will receive my comprehensive website audit SEO report which is a PDF document around 20 pages and takes me about 5 hours. My technical audits provide actionable tasks to increase organic visibility. In addition to the Word doc you also get an optional 15 minute screen share meeting and can ask the SEO pro any questions. You can get additional SEO consulting if you need help implementing the deliverables from the audit template. Buy SEO audit report below.

Website SEO Audit Analysis

  • Technical Issues
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Comprehensive Backlink Tools
  • Best Speed Optimization services
  • Keyword Research & Content Analysis
  • Google Analytics Monitoring
  • On-Page In-Depth SEO Analysis
  • Free Crawl Analysis SEO Auditing Tool
  • SERP Results Monitoring & Ranking
  • Redirects & Indexing
  • Enterprise Service Support
  • Comprehensive SEO Audit Service
  • Meta Tags & XML Sitemaps

What are the top benefits of SEO audit services?

SEO audits is an in-depth analysis of the website to provide opinion to improve website’s SEO. The process goes beyond surface-level evaluations and provides a comprehensive understanding of website performance to offer custom tailored recommendations based on the auditors experience and industry best practices.

Pro SEO Audit Services for your Company

Do you need analysis services for your site? It’s important Google can understands your website and business across the web. Our agency offering will identify issues blocking marketing performance.

Expert Online Business Management Consulting Service

Our business management consulting services check 404 errors, meta tags, sitemap, analytics, custom error pages, SEO optimization, marketing and so much more. Our assessment will determine how you can do better in Google and the SERPS.

Thumbnail of site speed hosting issue. SEO agency subcontractor explains keywords in link example. ecommerce analysis of users engagement on site. services seo audit action plan for overall strategy. report css stylesheet content issue in services seo.

I provide a SEO audit  & label what to fix to get more visibility.

SEO Consulting Package Cost

Request a single site audit or you can order additional consulting time.

Best Tool Used To Report

We use a variety of tools such as Screaming Frog to crawl and analyze a website. Some tools are free & other tools are paid service.

Comprehensive SEO Audit Reports by Professional

The deliverable is a SEO audit report Word doc including recommendations and screenshare meeting option with experts to give recommendations for ranking factors and review site structure.

Best Long Term SEO Auditing Strategy

Audits uncover issues and determine a basic path to ranking higher in the SERPS.

On Page Factors & Off Page Factors

On page optimization is the quickest win for a website. You can see results within a week. Off page is a long-term marketing strategy.

Why Professional Auditing is Important for Your Site

SEO audits are important in marketing because they review comprehensively review a website and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of a site. Google is looking for change over time so it’s important to send the right signals.  I monitor ranking signals and guide you with detailed services to make sure you are in alignment with the algorithm. How long you spend on the process vary depending on the size of your website. Contact us for website assessment.

When Should You Request Pro Website Auditing Services?

It’s a good idea to get a basic check every six months or at least once a year if you are on a budget. It’s much easier and cheaper to run ongoing search engine optimization campaign than to repair websites that have been hit by algorithm penalties. Our affordable SEO audit is done quickly & our pro will answer  questions and give you a roadmap so you can fix issues.

How Long Does SEO Audit Service Take?

The audit process can take anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks to complete. I understand the importance of recovery from Google algorithm updates so I strive for faster turnaround.

  • On page SEO Template & Audit Tool
  • Technical SEO Checklist Process
  • Best Backlinks Research Service
  • Local Brand Audit Online
  • SEO Auditor Expert

How SEO Professionals Do Local SEO Audits

I scrutinize all aspects of your site and give your company a comprehensive guide on what are issues and holding back your rankings. I also make suggestions on what to do to boost keyword rank after doing a keyword audit. I’m an expert technical SEO with years of experience doing marketing & have worked with local and enterprise clients. Contact me for case studies or auditing packages.

Keyword Research To Improve Organic Rankings & Traffic

During the SEO audit process I analyze the current set of keywords and do keyword research to find additional new keywords I then prioritize the keyword set and categorize your keywords based on search intent. Targeting the right keywords ensures website long term success. Take a look at a good SEO content brief example template.

Audit Competitors SEO & Link Building

I use SEMrush keyword audit tool & Google keyword planner to inspect what your competitors are doing so you can determine where and how you should compete in organic traffic. I find & gather missing keywords opportunities. I analyze competitor content and assess if you need to enhance your content marketing, review competition backlinks and identify if you need to increase regular link building campaign. After website analysis, I provide company’s reporting on the site’s.

Technical Content Analysis & Paid Search

Techncial SEO services is a process which checks various technical parts of a website to make sure best practices are implemented for search optimization. Technical SEO issues can cause a site to have poor performance in organic search. My analysis uses a website checker and many analysis software tools & web crawler to identify performance and technical issues. Site speed is important for not only search engines but best for user Experience (UX). Google paid search console offers comprehensive SEO data. Google PageSpeed tools tech is used to identify technical speed issues. Canonicalization is checked with my company’s service.

Site Architecture

Website architecture & website navigation is extremely important aspect of optimization. Fixing architecture and internal linking strategy will benefit your rankings. My services review your existing structure and determine how to make a quality structure with internal links.

Enterprise Content Strategy Analysis

The keywords you put in your content are essential for bots. Website content structure, CSS and design is important to convert users. I look at both aspects of content marketing so I can increase rankings and CRO of users. Some  companies simply run tools to ensure no duplicate content problems or other content marketing issues. I dig a bit deeper and have the experience solve enterprise content issues.

  • Audit Search Engine Crawlers
  • SEO Title Tags / Meta Description
  • Audit Sitemap File
  • Audit Server Configuration
  • On Page SEO Factors / Off Page SEO Factors
  • Complete SEO Audit Service by Professional

Backlink Strategy Audit – Ecommerce

Backlink audit services is the process of reviewing each of the links pointing to your website. Backlinks are important as they signal a vote for how important a website is and how a site is connected to other organizations on the internet. I use SEMrush and Ahrefs backlink checker tools to analyze your backlink profile to ensure you don’t have toxic backlink issues. I also look for opportunities to gain more visibility within your industry by link building. I check Google Analytics, Search Console and other sources to review the complete hyperlink profile.

Managed SEO Services

I deliver a document with about 20 pages of content with actionable steps you can take to increase business. I explain issues that hold back performance as well as steps you need to take to satisfy the algorithms. Proper web management practices can improve search rankings. You don’t need to be local to Bay Area, California or near me because I do online meetings. Ask for case studies for local, ecommerce or corporate brands.

Technical SEO Audit Service

You can pay for services via PayPal and I will do the audit typically within a week. The practitioner analyzes & will then give your company deliverables and you can schedule an optional 15 min online screenshare and I’ll take any questions, do a powerpoint presentation to review the website audit. I can do complete marketing campaign management, monitor links and track your companies SEO organic search traffic data. Contact for pricing.

SEO Audit Subcontractor

If you are an agency you can use me as an SEO audit subcontractor. I can white label the report and do the optional screen share meeting with your staff, the client or both. I can also customize my auditing process to match specific needs. Contact me with questions. 

  • Subcontractors SEO Analysis
  • White Label Audit Reports
  • Sub-Contractor SEO Expertise

Forensic SEO Audit

A forensic audit is performed by a pro auditor to determine what happened to your traffic and learn how to get it back.

Website Traffic Loss Audit

A website traffic loss audit can identify why a website lost search engine traffic and how to recover. I can analyze lost traffic and identify why the pages dropped.

  • Professional Lost Traffic Analysis
  • Organic Traffic Recovery Audit
  • Quick SEO Audit Service Turnaround
  • Search Engine Optimization Recovery Services
  • SEO Audit Services By Professionals

Professional SEO Audits – Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

It’s essential to cleanup and have proper HTML5 elements and good structure so robots can understand topics in your content. Canonical tags tie duplicate pages together.

SEO Audit – Search Engine Crawlers & Sitemap Files

I audit to ensure crawled, indexed and served by search engines is working.

SEO Auditing – Server Configuration

The auditor will check server settings to make sure no bad issues are detected.

SEO Auditor – .Htaccess and .Txt Files

I ensure files are setup & optimized.

SEO Audit Services – Structured Data

I make sure structured data on the site is valid and error free.

What is Auditing Services?

Search engines like Google organize keywords people are searching for online. SEO Auditing services  ensures search engines can fully understand your website and collect the right metrics such as backlinks. Your digital marketing strategy tells your online story to a search engine to show how important your website is. Hit your kpis & revenue by ensuring you don’t have issues blocking performance. We can help with full audits, optimization and reporting.

Professional search Engine Optimization Audit Service

I will review content for businesses and ensure you are fully optimized to be crawled, indexed and ranked in search engine result pages. They ensure factors such as page speed are good for both the user and search engines. Request one today for insights and to understand your site’s performance results.

Marketing Team Can Provide Professional Technical SEO Audit Services for Site Ranking Improvements

The SEO auditors will perform analysis and the reporting service will ensure the client has optimal content and structure for both users and bots.

Best Pricing By Expert Vendors

Send us your url and our experts will evaluate the link with metrics to see how your company is performing with your site’s free report. Our team can develop strategies and plan services to improve marketing on Google with affordable fee. We can help with a question & provide reports for small business websites.  See if you have broken links or see if your mobile version is ready or needs improvement. Compare our pricing with other vendors and see our agency is a solid seo website audit provider. Need additional help or services? Contact the Bay Area SEO Consultant to improve your site with ongoing fees or single time pricing.

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Order your copy of my professional SEO audit service. Find out specific issues holding back the rankings of your site. Most customers come to me after a loss in traffic and want me to diagnose the issue and create a roadmap.

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Ever wonder where your business stands on the internet? We offer an evaluation to determine your strengths / weaknesses and give suggestions on how to improve. Contact us for online website audits.