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SEO Content Brief Example With Template & Special Offer

The image below is a good SEO content brief example for marketing teams. Content creation should cover the primary topic well and is structured in such a manner to please both humans and bots with the right keywords in the content.

The purpose of a good content brief is to organize the structure of a new webpage. A well organized page will not only be helpful for the reader but also includes some of the math for SEO. Specific elements are important for SEO and without doing some math before you create the content, the odds of getting organic traffic is minimal. SEO is super critical for article briefs since organic search doesn’t require any other marketing channels for visibility.

Content Brief Template Free

The following SEO content brief template free offer can be downloaded and used as a good starting guide for your content team & blog writer. The important point is to ensure high quality content briefs are going to match the needs of your target audience and also optimized for the search engine. Find the FREE download of a good content brief template.

SEO content brief for marketing teams.

Primary SEO Content Brief Template Elements

What is a content brief? A SEO brief is a document that helps marketing teams to understand the purpose of the content. A detailed article brief should take writers or at least an hour to create after keyword research. Don’t forget to post to social media after writing  to capture more attention.  Try our writers template free version to get started. Creating content briefs with a strong outline typically uses the following list for writers. A writers topic brief template contains the following.

  • Brand voice and tone for the user
  • Target audience
  • Primary keyword
  • Secondary keywords
  • Word count
  • Headings
  • Questions to answer
  • Link targets
  • Title / Meta description
  • Structured outline for writer
  • Complete marketing content brief template

Sample SEO Article Brief Template

Need help with writing a magic content brief & want to see an example template with the right format that ranks? There are many  tools on the market that can help with SEO optimization, outlines, keyword research, search query volume, topics & subtopics. You can use free resource such as Google Trends or use paid tools. The big secret in marketing is none of these work for 100% of all the different calculations that go into the SEO content scores. Our team knows the many different factors that go into on-page relevancy and thus have a huge advantage over marketing teams using SEO tools for keywords & optimization. Get your first outline template from our writing editors completely FREE while the deal is still valid. Our subject matter experts will find accurate keywords & add the right keywords to rank your assets with our template.

SEO Tools & Content Brief Generator

Content brief templates typically includes word count not because it’s a ranking factor but rather the marketing research determines how long the document should be. We include required meta SEO elements including a meta title, url slug, and meta description. Word count is simply a suggestion for content creators and the content team should write as much as possible to cover the topic using keywords. Be focused, authoritative & write naturally for the user rather than stuffing keywords.

Social Media Content Brief Template

Social media copywriters should strive for accuracy & comprehensively cover the topic with right demographics. SEO words are important, but most of the heavy SEO work is done beforehand in the content briefs. Beyond drafts, the document can also be tweaked after the writer launched the article. Content strategy should spend a lot of time on data driven research to understand what the user wants rather than crafting the perfect SEO optimized templates. Writers should include what’s important based on the best research and crafting articles that will thrive in the long-run and win media. Using a good writer when creating content will win over a writer that is just stuffing SEO word count in content brief templates.

Video Content Brief Template

A well organized video can perform very well in organic search. The key is to start with a template that covers the different topics in the video.

Google Docs Content Brief for SEO

We provide our content briefs in either Google Docs or Word format.

Content Brief Helps SEO

It’s critical to make sure the document is search engine optimized before it gets published to the web. Without the proper structure, bots will have a hard time knowing what your document is about and thus will have performance ranking issues.

Content Marketing Brief SEO Example

  • Blog post brief template
  • Product page brief
  • Website content brief
  • Social media content brief
  • White paper brief
  • Video briefing template

Content Brief Sample Template With SEO ~ FREE

As previously mentioned, we have a limited time deal to get a SEO content template example template that is semantically created with subtopics so you will get organic search traffic for specific search query and related queries. The format of the first draft creates a workflow so each section will have related topics with right information & intent and formatted for readability. Our writers go well beyond just including a target keyword and some secondary keywords and focus to satisfy search intent with right brand voice tone. Writers should be writing titles, meta description and headings should bring inspiration but inform and be descriptive with keywords. Articles with a good format with the right content tend to rank better than an article generated without a structured templates and content briefs. The definition of a content brief is to format the article for writers and make the template easy for writers to cover the right SEO topics. Listicles, infographics, paragraphs, headers and other visual element or sections are used to keep the user engaged on well researched article. Topics and subtopics create structure to the content outline. Editing statistics for consistency and revisions over time keep sites consistent, unique and free of errors. When publishing, citing sources shows expertise. An editor understands text copy shouldn’t have excessive length for readers, add keywords & context for the topic, and have links to other resources that are relevant and related using keywords & anchors. The sample Google Docs template example has this.

Content Brief Generator Outline

Need a reliable SEO brief generator for agency tools? If you don’t use software or AI to auto generate content than a free creative template can make your work easier. Our content marketing brief template samples has good SEO focused content already tuned with the target query and other keywords so all you have to do is write naturally and blog post should perform well in the search engines and receive organic traffic. Our keyword process covers many different areas beyond target keyword research and the content outline do full research so the article is helpful for search intent & the reader. Next step is to contact our us today to learn more and get template examples. We offer a professional SEO audit service to recover website ranking loss and can answer the common question is my SEO company doing a good job with our custom analysis. Your team can check your primary keyword to find missing opportunities for any sample blog post. The team can also check rankings of current keywords and identify keywords that have lost rankings. Contact our team for keywords report today or see our example template!

SEO Content Brief Conclusion

The step-by-step guide to write the perfect seo-focused article. Relevancy and proper structural elements are the key. However, for the user visuals & imagery is important for an article. A well-researched in-depth article covering all the sub-topics will get long term top-ranking. Use diligence to offer data-driven descriptive content not only created for search engine optimization. You can use AI technology to preface the topic and then re-write targeting the user intent. Improving business’s reach is the brief’s purpose. Writers sometimes forget to spell check and make sure your not writing over-used words. Writers know top-ranked and targeted articles always interlink above the fold for maximum clickability.

Writing articles without content briefs usually means wasted time as the content does perform well in organic search. Templates with the right format and articles that cover the right words / topics do well when the writers are writing for both users and bots. Contact us for examples of articles where we used the right format in our templates and the document now gets tons of organic traffic. Writing content briefs can be frustrating for writers so examples of our templates can help you get started. We e offer full service content briefs and do the writing and templates for you. Contact for SEO content examples and free SEO content brief templates.

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