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Confessions of a Web Guy

Web guy providing information

I confess.

I have been secretly recording you in your home, office and car for over 10 years.

Please don’t hate me; I’m not the only one that does it.

You are constantly being monitored by video surveillance cameras in stores, on the streets and even by neighbor’s surveillance cameras. By now you must be used to constant supervision, right? Why would the web be any different? All websites you visit are recorded by your internet service provider so do you really think websites are any different and nobody is paying attention to what you are doing?

Web developers use website recording software as well as analytics code to track everything you do on a website. The creepy part is website recording software tracks mouse movement and creates heat maps of what and where you click.

The analytics of your mouse movements, taps, clicks, click rage (rapid clicking of the mouse) are created into visual recordings so the operator can watch a video of actions you took on the website. What you click, where you scroll, how long you spend reading or interacting with content… it’s all recorded.

Web developers aren’t all bad people invading your privacy. We record your actions on websites in order to provide a happy experience on the web so you can efficiently get the information you need and share what you think is important. We try to fix the things that make you upset. Yes, lots of click rage out there. Really, we want you to treat websites like pets and happily play with them.

Do You Know?

  • If you are a marketing director and in violation of CASL laws you could go to jail not to mention the extreme fine.
  • New browser insecure notices on websites gets implemented next month. If you don’t technically get the migration correct you could MAJORLY hurt your organic rankings.
  • Most web developers know very little about SEO. Are you trusting them with a migration or other SEO issues?
  • Big algorithm shifts lately so if you’re not adapting you’re in trouble.


10/10 websites that I review have technical issues, legal issues and other problems that are holding back leads, conversions and sales. For a limited time I’m offering a free website analysis. Get in touch and stay informed!

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