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Website Effectiveness Evaluation

Do you know how to perform a proper website effectiveness evaluation? If the website isn’t effective, your losing website sales and wasting time. Learn how to make your websites more effective and make more conversions.

How To Determine If A Website Is Effective

The most important thing to consider is user intent. To capture the attention of the audience you must instantly show them what they expect to see on the page. On average, you have two seconds before the user makes a decision to stay or leave. Short headlines and strong images are key to get over the first interaction hurdle.

Two important things you must get right.

  • Functionality – If the website has technical issues this can instantly stop the user journey.
  • Conversions – You must satisfy user intent and sell to them in a logical, organized fashion.

Example of an Effective Page

Example of an effective website evaluation in the tourism industry.

This is an effective marketing example that instantly satisfies the user intent. A user interested in booking a vacation instantly sees related images. They can instantly digest the concept of the page with visuals and short headings. There is a clear call to action that is above the fold so the user can easily see this without having to scroll and are directed to take action. The visible contact information helps convey trust. Providing email address and phone number allows for immediate connection. A download with more information and pricing would be useful the customer could have a digital asset on their computer and can easily find the website again.

It’s a good idea to get inside the mind of your potential customer and determine what information they want and what format pleases most people. A good balance of text, images, video, bullet points CTA buttons and CSS animation can make websites interesting and attract more tourism.

Branding & Aesthetic Appeal

  • Strong layout, proper site architecture, good color scheme
  • Topography, fonts, text size and image proportions
  • Clear marketing messaging and strong CTA buttons in the right place
  • Proper grammar, no spelling mistakes and speak towards customer needs and desires
  • Nice visual appearance

CRO (conversion rate optimization) is the most important task that should be done after a website launch. Many companies don’t evaluate and start marketing. As a result, they lose leads and sales and spend more marketing budget on traffic generation. Evaluating your web property and well as the competition is paramount to success.

Easy Navigation & User-Friendly Design

  • Users should be able to access any page within 3 clicks
  • You must direct users in a logical path to the sale

Technical Website Issues

Technical problems can stop a user journey and leave to a bad experience. Image if you go through the trouble of completing a contact form and you keep getting errors and can’t submit the web form. There are numerous areas where things go wrong so try a free website audit and let a professional evaluate problems.

How To Evaluate A Website User Experience

There are several methods to evaluate the user experience effectiveness such as analytics, search console & website visitor software. Website recording software is by far the best source to determine how people navigate webpages, what they click and learn why users don’t convert. Website optimization needs to be done after you learn what users don’t like.

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