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Website Maintenance Packages

Our management team.

Our monthly website maintenance packages is monthly set of retainer hours.  Astriden offers services including SEO, regular website maintenance services, web design, content & graphics on a monthly basis. See below for website hosting and maintenance packages, pricing & basic website maintenance services.

Custom Website Plan

When shopping for  maintenance services and design packages, my best advice for clients is to establish goals, choose a comfortable budget and put ongoing effort into making strong online properties that are a valuable asset and not simply an expense. The amount of effort required every month varies upon your niche, amount of competition and where you want to position your business on the web. I allow my clients to pick their own monthly price and then prioritize tasks for hourly work. All updates are recorded and always available to the client. Contact me to see how I can effectively manage your web properties and improve your business with my standard packages. I can manage ecommerce with competitive website maintenance pricing and WordPress services at a reasonable rate per hour. Below are things a business should consider when developing a plan to manage a site.

We evaluate and fix websites with fast turn around and have a responsive team that can increase your online presence. We support any platform with WordPress maintenance package and offer security audits, support and ecommerce. Design, SEO, paid ads, software updates & web hosting is included in some monthly plan. New pricing model based on customer feedback and we are available now for services. Find out more about ppc management company California services.

Services List & Cost

Low-Budgets Website Fee

– Website Updates

– Backups / CMS Updates / Security

Competitive Small Business Cost

– A / B Testing

– Auditor, Security, Tech

– Websites Analytics Report

– Backup / Updates/ Security

– Monitoring Branding

– Content Updates & Syndication

– Landing Pages / CRO

– Link Building

– Pay-Per-Click Advertising

– Review Maintenance

– Search Engine Optimization

– SERP Rank Checker

– Social Media Package

– Website Updated

Industry Leader Custom Service Pricing

– A / B Testing

– Auditor – Legal, Technology, Technical

– Websites Analytics Reports

– Backups / Updates / Security

– Brand Monitoring

– Content Updates, Adding New Blog Posts & Syndication


– Link Building Package

– Redesign Landing Page Design

– Pay-Per-Click Advertising

– Press Releases

– Reviews Management

– Search Engine Optimization

– SERP Rank Checker

– Social Media Management

– Website Recording & Monitoring

– New Website Update

– Prevent Malware / Page Speed Troubleshooting

Agency Website Design Custom Rate

We have very custom website maintenance pricing and work with the business to provide  maintenance services at a reasonable amount every month. Our WordPress website maintenance plans work within your marketing, website development, websites content marketing, code, SSL certificate, plugin, forms web design, social media and other web services. We work with all companies including GoDaddy websites host. Contact us to see our client portfolio and see how proper support improved ROI monthly! All small business plans include some level of SEO each month. Traffic from search engines increase with our website maintenance package each month. Not many other web providers can offer this plan; especially at our pricing.

Custom Wordpress Monthly Maintenance Package

In the video, I walk through a Wordpress maintenance package and how a Santa Cruz client’s website’s campaign is organized and the procedures used to ensure marketing growth after a fresh content WordPress web design upgrade!

Each Month Retainer Website Maintenance, Design, SEO

Proper website design and maintenance each month allows monitoring, managing, and improving a small business website. Web content management systems such as PHP WordPress websites require plug-in upgrades, security updates and conflict repairs. It’s also an important webmaster duties watch user experience of real customers every month so that you can pinpoint problems and maximize mobile conversion rates. You don’t have to be near me for our company to perform duties and complete checklist tasks every month. A website design overhaul should not end with a delivered site & invoice but is an ongoing process that requires refinement to achieve success. UX, typography, logo design, graphic and copy all require A/B split testing in order to understand customers needs and desires. Find business objectives and have a digital marketing agency ensure your creating a strong company and gathering a target audience so you can beat competitors and do routine maintenance & maintain website care plans. Our agency works with all open source and other platforms including WordPress, Jooomla, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, Magento and cloud Amazon AWS. We can use any theme and offer trail projects for any url applications. We assist with domains / registering, migration, HTML templates. We do backup and restore for all blogs. Storefront, ecommerce, shopping carts and more. Free estimates.

Hire an expert in coding & web maintenance. We support SSL, email, maintain websites plugins and additional options / features can be done daily with your sites package. Your project is monitored to make sure it’s secure without malware and the server is working. Schedule a date to analyze your websites & learn what fee is appropriate for you. We work with ecommerce, B2B and B2C company  brands every month. If you need additional hours of web development help beyond the monthly web package we do offer services and charge by the hour with payments at the end of the month with the package.

Business Web Management Packages & Hosting Included

Contact us for a proposal and see how our experts website routine site maintenance cost makes us one of the best website SEO maintenance companies for small business. Get started this month and keep your website domain up to date. See a plan template example with each months costs and get your quotes & proposal in PDF format.

Monthly Pricing for Standard Packages & Maintenance Service

We spend hours doing site updates and content marketing for your company. The highest priority service is done first and go from there. Pick your web maintenance plan with hourly website support services. Skip annual recurring cost for software and site maintenance plans. Website hosting support included  with all packages.

Monthly Packages & Website Maintenance Reporting – Web Design, Graphic Design, Content Updates & Social Media Support

We can support long term small business web needs and our staff is highly trained to ensure you get the best website maintenance service and content updates. Contact us for cost of website hosting and custom maintenance and other digital marketing services.

Web Marketing

Your website is a powerful marketing tool for your business and plays a critical role in your business' success. We are an experienced Internet company delivering unique solutions tailored to suit your specific goals.

Top Services

Order your copy of my professional SEO audit service. Find out specific issues holding back the rankings of your site. Most customers come to me after a loss in traffic and want me to diagnose the issue and create a roadmap.

Site Evaluation

Ever wonder where your business stands on the internet? We offer an evaluation to determine your strengths / weaknesses and give suggestions on how to improve. Contact us for online website audits.