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Best Visitor Recording Software [User Behavior Analytics]

Record visitor's actions now with the best visitor recording software and user session recordings.

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Visitor recording software captures user behavior & user experience by capturing session recordings of users mouse movements and watch the conversion rate and users experience. Session recording software can playback website user sessions data and replay clicks, scroll and how people interact with your site on mobile & desktop. Lucky Orange is the best session software computer programs and my favorite website session recording tool. Visitor software tools capture & allow you to watch a user session, analyze site engagement, find errors and engage with people using your webpages. The best marketers have been using session recording software’s replays for years. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how website visitors visited your blog or thought about why visitors bounce from a specific webpage?

If you own or mange a site, many of us have spent numerous hours looking at analytics trying to determine trouble spots. There are so many reasons why visitors leave a web browser session and do not turn into a conversion. Slow page speed, bad navigation, no call to action buttons, cluttered content, tech problems, and bad layout just to name a few that stop a visit. Now, there is a GREAT WAY to capture & record real time interactions and directly communicate with potential customers or watch session replay & visitors recordings.

  • Conversion Optimization Suite
  • Visitor Recordings
  • Dynamic Heatmaps
  • Software Powered Chats
  • Conversion Funnels
  • Capture Form Analytics
  • Poll Insights
  • Visitors Dashboard

Lucky Orange is my top pick to record visitor session quality and they were founded back in 2010 by Danny Wajcman and have been providing session recording devices for a long time! The sortware’s interface is easy to use and you can view heat mapping, session replay visits, visitor’s scrolling and many other useful features. You can use this information so your team can improve conversion rate optimization and the overall sales funnel.

User Session Recording Software Can Help Capture User Behavior

You can take successful lead funnels and capture website visitors session replay & recorded visitor’s actions on your site showing you the performance of a landing page, individual visitors mouse movement scrolls, recording visitor’s user behavior. Session recordings software & session replays can record the user experience and record how they interacted with content and the software tracks where visitors bounce.

Record User Activity on Website

  • Session recordings software
  • Visitors analytics
  • Visitors live dialog feature
  • Form analytics
  • Watch visitor’s sessions
  • Heatmaps of click areas
  • Session heatmaps
  • Visitors user polls

Website Recording Software

A heatmap is a nice graphical representation of data and individual values contained in a matrix are represented as different colors. All tracker recording visitors & heatmaps show detailed analytics visually display how visitors interact your site including heatmapping of where visitors scroll and what the visitors click on. Recording heatmap tracking is very useful on sites that get a lot of traffic and watching every session record isn’t feasible. Understand user website visitors behavior on mobile devices & increase conversion rates!

Web Form Recording & Analytics

Have you ever wondered why visitors don’t complete website forms? Now resources can capture and record visitor exact trouble spots and help fix them using visual analytics software. Behavioral analytics product can help you spot issues problems from a recording visitor that isn’t in Google analytics. Analyiss of user actions uncovers the journey and collect elements that stop the sale.

Live Chat

The chatting feature alone makes it worth buying website visitor software. Are session recording possible without it? Maybe. You can now interact with a visitor using your site. If you are watching visitors and notice they are having a technical issue or you just want to connect with them, you simply click a button and a interaction window appears. Customers are impatient and they want answers immediately. This is invaluable for a business that sell services and do not list pricing on their homepage. The dialog box allows you to instantly satisfy the visitors desire of determining cost and the odds of them going to multiple websites or a social media platform to find their answer is reduced. In addition, you just made a personal connection and the odds of them returning are now higher. Chatting can be enabled and managed via the software dashboard.

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User Session Replays Tools

No download is not required for recording and session replay tools to watch session recordings of visitor interactions. Recording software is simple to setup an account and then install the software with a single line of javascript code into your site and let the visitor’s computer screen recordings begin. You login to a web interface to view visitors session recording pageviews and watch clicks & scrolling mouse movements, talk with visitors, and run marketing reports. Start now, there is even a free trial of session recording tools or pick a paid package. If you are a larger organization the data recorder collected on mobile or desktop visitor is invaluable. You can find which companies are visiting your blog since they are on a company network and watch their session replays or heatmap. The cost is a deal, around $10 / month for session replay tool for recording visitor clicks taps, record visitor behavior, thumbnail images and you can even filter sessions by multiple factors. Customer support is good. Hotjar, Fullstory, Dyntrace & Smartlook session replay software & web management software tools are good too.

Software's that can record visitors

  • mouse movement clicks
  • web analytics
  • mouse tracking free plan
  • heatmap session replay tools
  • users interact & exist page
  • eye tracking heatmaps interact with your website
  • visitor management system
  • session replay heatmaps
  • users click recording session replay
  • event tracking improve the user experience
  • visitor tracking on website

Watch Visitors Interact on Your Website

Open source recording and session replay software & website session recording software allows interested parties record and track visitor’s experience and see how visitor’s use your website through recordings. A better visitor recording program can discover when a site is down, broken links exist or track if errors have occurred on specific pages. For example, a web developer who hosts and maintains a site for a customer may want to be notified instantly if the site goes down or feedback if a web app records an error. It’s great for A/B split testing and visitor management & lead generation conversion session recording.

Best Website Recording Software Free Download

  • Hotjar – website recording software for windows 10 free version plan helps to determine user behavior by recording visitors!

Other top ux recording tools, session, heatmapping & screen recording software worthy of a mention. Price plans & package versions may change. Credit card may be required to get session replays & recording features. Contact the Santa Cruz digital marketing company to get the visitor recordings software installed. We can setup session recordings & session replay tools on your website.

  • Mouseflow
  • Inspectlet
  • Usertrack
  • Heatmaptracker
  • VWO

How session recording GDPR is legal. You will need to check the laws for your area to determine if you can use it. Where session recording works depends on important location based area. Most websites I review have technical issues, legal issues and visitors conversion issues that are holding back performance & sales. I’ll review your website analytics today to uncover the user journey by watching session recordings & determine which session recording works best for you.

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