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Best Website Visitor Recording Software that Offers Free Trial – Tons of Features

Introducing a better way to analyze website traffic, spot technical issues and interact with people using your web pages. The best digital marketing specialists have been using session replay software for years. Have you ever wondered how website users navigate your website or thought about why users bounce from a specific webpage? If you own or mange a website, many of us have spent numerous hours looking at analytics trying to determine trouble spots. There are so many reasons why users leave a web browser session and don’t turn into a conversion. Slow page speed, bad navigation, no call to action buttons, cluttered content, technical issues, and bad layout just to name a few. Now, there is a GREAT WAY to watch real time website interactions and directly communicate with potential customers via chat.

Lucky Orange is my top pick for website visitor recording software and they were founded back in 2010 by Danny Wajcman and have been providing a great session replay product for years! The dashboard is easy to use and you can view heatmapping, session replay and many other useful features.

Website Session Recording

You can take a successful conversion funnels and playback the users actions on your website showing you the landing page, individual visitor mouse movement scrolls, every step taken. You can see exactly what pages they looked at, how long they looked at certain items, when the user clicks mouse, how they interacted with content and tracking where visitors bounce.

Awesome Benefits:

  • Visitor recordings
  • Website analytics
  • Live chat software
  • Website form analytics
  • Watch live user sessions
  • Heat maps of click areas
  • Live visitor maps
  • Website user polls

Website Heatmap Software

A heatmap is a graphical representation of data and individual values contained in a matrix are represented as different colors. Detailed analytics visually display how visitors interact your website including heatmapping of where users scroll and what they click on. This is very useful on sites that get a lot of traffic and watching all recordings isn’t feasible.

Web Form Analytics

Have you ever wondered by users don’t complete website forms? Now you can see the exact trouble spots and fix problems.

Live Chat

Live chat feature alone is worth buying this website capture software. You can now interact with people using your website. If you are watching a live user recording and notice they are having a technical issue or you just want to connect with them, you simply click a button and a chat window appears. Customers are impatient and they want answers immediately. This chat software is invaluable for companies that sell services and don’t list pricing on their homepage. The chat feature allows you to instantly satisfy the users desire of determining cost and the odds of them going to multiple websites to find their answer is reduced. In addition, you just made a personal connection with a user and the odds of them returning are now higher. Chat can be enabled and managed via the dashboard.

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Session Replay Tools

Video recording software download is not required. It’s very simple to setup by dropping a single line of javascript code into your website and let the computer screen capture recordings begin. You login to a website administration panel to view visitor sessions and watch clicks mouse movement, chat with visitors, and run reports. This is well worth exploring and there is even a free trial. If you are a larger organization, many times the dashboard will display which companies are visiting your website since they are on a company network. The cost is around $10 / month for the software to record user actions on the website within their web browser and records clicks taps, visitor behavior, thumbnail images and you can even filter sessions by numerous factors.

More Details!

What is website monitoring?

Website monitoring allows interested parties to track the health of a website or web application and gauge user experience. A software program can periodically check to see if a website is down, if broken links exist or if errors have occurred on specific pages. For example, a web developer who hosts and maintains a website for a customer may want to be notified instantly if the site goes down or if a web applications returns an error.

Other session replay & heatmapping software worth a mention.

    • Hotjar – does have a free plan!
    • Mouseflow
    • Inspectlet
    • Usertrack
    • Heatmaptracker
    • VWO

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