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Key Trends in Modern UX / UI Web Designs

Modern UX & UI web design trends

The web has been around since 1989 and websites have seen significant changes in UX / UI design as well as technologies that are used to generate websites have vastly changed since the beginning of the internet.

What is UI?

UI is short for the user interface design and web designers create a layout and design that is used to communicate information with an audience via an information device such as a computer, laptop, smart phone, or wearable device. It’s absolutely imperative your design is understood and liked by your customers and not hindering sales.

What is UX?

UX is short for user experience. In web design, it’s imperative for humans to be able to find the information they need and be satisfied with the overall experience they have with a website. The technical side must provide a fast loading website and be free or broken links (404 page not found), broken images, and incorrect coding that hinders the performance of a site. People have zero patience with slow loading pages so if you don’t satisfy the user in two seconds or less there is a high probably of bounce rate where the user will leave the website and often times go back to a search engine to perform another search.

Why UX Will Impact Your Online Business

The highest converting traffic found on the web is direct traffic from search engines. The search engines used to rely heavily on backlinks (links from other websites going to your website) to determine the quality of your website. As the internet evolves, ranking signals have changed and now it’s extremely important to have good user engagement signals and be the best brand matched for query the user types into the search engine. If you are not actively monitoring your website via user recordings, monitoring analytics, and continually perform A/B split testing; your brand may be in trouble in the long run.

Responsive Design Optimized for Mobile

Computer monitors come in all shapes and sizes and we can no longer create designs for a 800 x 600 pixel browser window. Responsive design is an approach that makes web pages render well on a variety of devices, windows or screen sizes. This makes the whole design process, testing and ongoing management more challenging which translates into more expense to the owner. The advantage is we can effective communicate with potential customers and the user doesn’t have to be stuck at a desk in an office in order to find information and make buying decisions.

The User Experience

Typography is the type of font used in different sections of a webpage and make a substantial impact on the overall design. The actual layout of content and white space around content is important to ensure the user can quickly locate what they are seeking and the content looks appealing. The use of colors is another critical component to consider and different color schemes can make or break a site.


UI, prototyping and wire framing are all needed as well as collaborative effort to ensure a pleasing design. UX is important to get right before the website is even built and UX must also be considered and managed after a launch.

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